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Commercial Refrigeration Systems Require Care Before Service


Commercial Equipment Service is happy to offer scheduled preventative maintenance services for all commercial customers to help them avoid costly major repairs and keep expensive equipment out of the shop floor. It is a very common misconception for commercial refrigeration repair technicians to think that they know everything there is to know about commercial refrigeration services. They often have never worked with a commercial system and therefore cannot offer valuable customer service or guidance to make sure that your commercial refrigeration repair needs are taken care of. A Commercial Equipment Service technician understands the various components of a commercial refrigeration system and can easily help you find the right parts to get your business back on track.

There are several types of refrigeration needs for businesses. Depending upon the location, there might be a need for a walk-in fridge, walk-in freezers, or even a frozen food manufacturer,s van, and so forth. A commercial refrigeration service technician can make sure that your refrigeration needs are taken care of. A technician can also make suggestions about upgrades that may increase the efficiency of your system while freeing up space in your freezer or refrigerator. The technician can help you determine what size refrigerators or freezers are needed to meet your commercial refrigeration needs.

When it comes to commercial refrigeration service equipment, there are many different aspects to consider. The best way to choose a particular brand or type of refrigerator is to ask the retailer or owner what is the best way to maintain the unit. For example, is it recommended that the refrigerator is cleaned at least once a year? What about checking for fraying cords or cracked ice rims? These are important ways to maintain commercial refrigeration service equipment in good condition.

One of the most common types of repairs that HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) commercial refrigeration equipment undergoes is a routine maintenance run. This may be as simple as a month,s worth of cleaning, or it may take longer – sometimes up to one year. For some companies, the technicians will schedule an annual cleaning service for their refrigeration equipment. On the other hand, other businesses will contact a technician only if a serious problem exists, such as ice buildup or the refrigerator or freezer leaking.

Regularly scheduled maintenance checks for commercial refrigeration services include checking the condition of the components, ensuring the mechanical systems are working properly, and any issues that should be corrected before they become more expensive to correct. For the most part, this type of maintenance check will be done right in the office of the company that owns and operates the building where the commercial refrigeration needs to be done. However, some businesses have opened their own stores in other buildings, which means they will have to hire a technician to come to the location in order to do the required repairs. Whether or not the technician is coming to the location is often determined by the building,s regulations.

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