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The Most Common Complaints About IBM Managed Services, and Why They’re Bunk.

That it’s appreciated yes it’s very large very heavy but we’re talking mainframe stuff here you also provided me those managed table now we’re talking mainframe power cable here so we’re talking professional kit and these are not cheap these are very expensive.

IBM Managed Services

That one that one yeah so this thing used to run on these three-phase electricity but it’s again to be used as a standalone so it’s not going to be running that much kits so we are going to convert this to domestic power supply because we should be within the and Parliament running that.

These cables usually would cost as much as I paid for the whole case so Andrew it’s very much appreciated the IBM Managed Services stuff you’ve done for me yeah it’s trying it and running the other thing it’s also included ten comes boards now I’ve tried to do researchers of these but ISM parts are pain and the backside to find out what they are yeah sure you.

IBM Managed Services

These things these are our mainframe boards they go into a back plane shook inter unit and just easily pull out the half code numbers on the side there I’ve tried searching that to no avail there’s numbers there also search that to no avail so if anybody is good with IBM stuff or has access to some sort of catalog well.

There let me know what they are I can give you the numbers and if you could have a look at it would be very much appreciate you know it is quite dark in here but inside the case though you can see there’s a lot of padding in there and when these are out and drives out.

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